Badia-Ballarin home built microcar


Despite the little information that exists about this curious microcar, and the fact that in the few specialized books that mention it, only the name Badia appears, to be honest, this vehicle must be be called Badia-Ballarin.

At the beginning of the 50s (probably in 1952 where the photos were made), two brothers-in-law, Angel Badia (mechanic) and Benedicto Ballarin (blacksmith), designed and manufactured in the workshop that the family ran in the Alto Aragonese town of Esplus, Huesca, a curious microcar for their personal use.

Components from various sources were used in this project. The engine had belonged to a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and the differential came from a Ford car.

The result was a peculiar teamwork, based on the mechanical and forging knowledge of both characters, who also contributed a large dose of imagination, creativity and enthusiasm to their project.

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