Home made EVs by Eduard Rudik

Home built EVs by Eduard Rudik

73-years old Ukrainian auto designer Eduard Rudik makes budget mini-electric vehicles (he created more than 20 cars). The cost of his cars is around $4,000 each.

A pensioner from Kiev claims that the price of his car can be reduced to $2,000 if mass production is established. An enthusiastic inventor with an appearance reminiscent of the famous author of the theory of relativity, has been working on creating his low-cost cars for over 30 years. Any person with a small income, even a janitor, should be able to drive his car, the designer believes.

The body of his electric vehicles is made of foam and plastic, but for the safety of the driver and passenger (the car can accommodate only two people) is equipped with a metal frame. In addition, for safety reasons, Rudik fundamentally develops cars with a speed not exceeding 80 km/h. The batteries of the car can be fully charged overnight, and their capacity is enough to drive 100 km. It takes up to 6 months to manufacture each car.

“The car must be cheap so that everyone can buy it. My cars are good for traveling short distances – in the city or in the countryside. Any car is comfortable when you cover a distance of up to 200 kilometers. If you drive more, the driver gets tired, can fall asleep and I almost fell asleep on the Odessa highway, it is very flat and of the same type. It is better to travel 500 kilometers by train, 800 kilometers by plane,” says the pensioner-inventor.

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