Homemade microcar by Vasily Terteki

Homemade microcar by Vasily Terteki

It seems that there is no impossible for the Ukrainians on their way to a better life. An ideal population that will certainly withstand any adversity! Be that as it may, one pensioner from Ukraine distinguished himself by creating an electric microcar, which he needs so much on the farm.

For Vasily Terteki frequent 25-kilometer trips to the apiary is not an easy task, this requires more comfortable transport than a bicycle. He took an old electric scooter as the basis, on which a metal frame and a polycarbonate body were mounted. There is also a new electric motor and battery. Total investments in the project amounted to 1400 USD. Cruising range is 60 miles (ca. 100 km).

Український електромобіль: як пенсіонер сам зібрав електрокар

Поїздка у 100 км – вартістю лише 2 гривні: український пенсіонер змайстрував електрокар, щоб добиратися на пасіку. Авто розганяється до 50 км/год, а реєструвати його не потрібно.

Опубликовано DW українською Пятница, 16 августа 2019 г.

It doesn’t look like a finished sample for mass production, but no one required it, right? If you drop the jokes, this Ukrainian electric car looks great. Very stylish! It’s like a vehicle of some comic book superhero.

These inventions have to be resorted to in a country where pensioners cannot afford a personal vehicle. Instead of buying a car for non-existent money, a person is forced to spend the rest of his health on the invention of his own vehicle.

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