Homemade microcar from Poland

Homemade microcar from Poland

This car from Poland was made from parts that were available at the time. Apparently, aluminum sheet metal was available, as quite a bit of it was used. However, significant stretches of steel sheet from the Fiat 126p can also be seen: the door frames, wheel arches, part of the bulkhead. Also the roof, although heavily cut. However, the commonality with the 126p ends on the visual resemblance, because the design of this invention is completely different.

There is only one seat inside, and next to it roars an unshielded engine from a moped – two-stroke, of course. A chain drives the right rear wheel, as a result of which the differential is unnecessary.

Compared to the Simson Duo, a huge difference is the presence of a normal front axle with two wheels and a steering gear, also coming from a Fiat 126p. The vehicle may have only one seat, but it has a sizable trunk at the front, closed by a hatch that opens to the side. It rides on motorcycle wheels, for which new hubs are said to have been spun out.

The seller wants 12 thousand Polish zlotys for it ($2,979).

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