The designer and creator of this electric car is the engineer of the Rivne nuclear powerplant Andrei Butkevich. MEM-01 is his first electric vehicle. It looks very unusual. From early childhood, the author was fond of the development of various devices.

The exterior design of the home-built microcar does not quite look similar to regular cars. It has three small wheels and a handlebar from a bicycle. Particularly eye-catching is the shape and the two-tone paint job. Only environmentally friendly materials are used in the construction of the vehicle, for example, wood.

A home-built electric car is driven by a 2 hp motor. It is able to reach up to 35 km/h. The car can comfortably accommodate 2 people or a driver and about 100 kg of cargo. Andrei Butkevich calls such a car perfect for shopping trips and transportation of small loads.

The author said that he received offers for sale more than once. However, Butkevich isn’t going to sell it. Together with the team, he plans to improve the vehicle by modifying the design.

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