Peredy Zoltan Frog

Peredy Zoltán single-person car and Frog small car

Peredy Zoltán was born in 1963. His father, Árpád Peredy built all kinds of structures, from light rail locomotives to water jets. Enthusiasm stuck with his son, who decided to become a designer.

As a first step, after enrolling in elementary school, he applied to the game-making and graphics department of the Vocational High School of Fine Arts. It was the preschool of design training.

In 1984, together with his father he built a Skoda-powered, four-stroke Wartburg, which had an extended chassis and redesigned body. The car called “Warda” was used by the family for years.

Peredy Zoltan car

Meanwhile, Zoltán graduated from the design department of the College of Applied Arts. But this was just the beginning of the story:

“After the first school year, I built a one-person small car with a motorcycle engine, which was installed above the rear wheels with a freewheel instead of a differential. The body was a riveted plate frame with polyester covers and fenders. It was not completed because the construction of a race speedboat was booked the following year”.

In the ’90s, two of the more media-focused creations were born, the Frog small car and the Vanessa Mae Coupé V12.

“In 1992, I set out to build a small car with a swing door with a closed section frame and a fiberglass polyester body. Today, “FROG” is likened to Smart by everyone, but it wasn’t Smart for years then. Temporarily – due to lack of money – a Polski Fiat 126 structure was installed, but I designed it with a Suzuki structure, and there were also combi, convertible and speedster versions at the design level”.

Peredy Zoltan Frog

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