Rear-engined homebuilt microcar

Rear-engined Homebuilt Microcar From The USSR

During the Soviet era, a car was more of a luxury than a means of transportation. The demand for cars clearly exceeded supply, so especially impatient and handy citizens created them with their own hands from what could be found. There was even a TV show “You Can Do It”, where the engineers shared their experience.

This homebuilt car uses details of ‘Moskvitch’ and ‘Zaporozhts’. The grill is similar to one used on LuAZ offroader. Judging by the slots in the rear fender, the engine is located at the rear and it is air-cooled, most likely from ‘Zaporozhets’.

But the doors, door handles, rear fenders, and roof elements look like ‘Moskvich-402’. There are a lot of elements from ‘Zaporozhets’ in the interior, including the dashboard, steering wheel, instruments and etc.

The rear door is most likely from ‘Moskvich-423’ wagon, as well as the license plate illuminator. The car is in a terrible state, it is not known whether it will be put in order.

Photos by SverdlovskAvia

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