Ussama Tuaba’s EV

Algerian engineer Ussama Tuaba, with the support of the state center for the development of renewable energy (CDER), built a prototype of a light urban electric vehicle powered by solar energy.

The tiny electric car designed for two people is driven by two electric motors with a power of 1.2 kW. The small lithium battery is charged by solar cells mounted in the roof of the car (great idea for an African electric vehicle). The maximum speed of the 200 kg car is 40 km/h. It is quite normal for movement within the city.

Ussama Tuaba received a corresponding patent from the National Institute of Industrial Property of Algeria. The designer estimates that the cost of manufacturing the car will be around 700,000 Algerian dinars, which is around 4,700 euros.

In the future, mr. touaba plans to upgrade this car to charge during the day and also run only on solar energy.

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