József Vellák from Nagykanizsa learned the locksmith’s profession in 1919 in the locksmith shop of György Simon. As a young assistant, he worked for Pinter and Zimmermann as a locksmith and car repair company.

In the early 1930s, he also worked as a locksmith in Nagykanizsa. During his time at Pinter and Zimmermann, he made a 175 cm³ self-made, two-stroke motorcycle. When he quit the company in the mid-1930s, he opened his own car repair shop. This workshop was soon to become an Opel Authorized Dealer.

In 1949 the workshop was taken over by the Rural Taxi Association, and in 1951 it continued to operate as the Volán Company. Even then, Vellák remained in his former workshop as a middle-class leader.

He built his 250 cm³ NSU-engined dwarf car between 1949 and 1951. The car weighs about 220 kg. Vellak wanted to put his vehicle into service, but the Response of the Car Engine said that dwarf cars cannot be classified as motorcycles, only those who are authorized to drive vehicles can operate them.

However, the small dwarf car was somehow put into operation. The proud creator has covered more than 30,000 kilometers over the years, even meeting the Tünde development team once. The Vellák dwarf car came into existence in the ’90s, and was rescued in 2010 by a private collector and is currently trying to restore this neat little structure.

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