Huangye HY150ZH-11A

Huangye HY150ZH

Chongqing Zhongling Zhaohu Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactures motorcycles and cargo tricycles. In 2023, they added a closed-cab, flatbed cargo trike called Huangye HY150ZH-11 to their lineup.

Its length is 3350 or 3390 mm, width is 1220 or 1280 mm, height is 1820 mm. It is equipped with a 149cc 8.5kW motor, which accelerates the trike to 60km/h. Curb weight is 550 kg and payload is 400 kg.

There are versions with another front end design called HY150ZH-11A and HY150ZH-12. The other versions are the HY150ZH-5, HY150ZH-16 and HY150ZH-17 with simplified cabin without doors and rear wall.

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