Huazi Omega

Huazi Omega

The young Chinese company Huazi Auto introduced a compact electric car Omega with odd design. As you can see, the car looks slightly inharmonious, the rear part seems to have been chopped off, and the protruding trunk allows you to identify the electric car as a compact sedan. Dimensions: 3444 x 1550 x 1535 mm. Wheelbase – 2 350 mm.

There are comfortable leather-wrapped seats, a 9-inch Bluetooth-enabled multimedia system display, a rear-view camera and many other features inside.

Huazi Omega has an AWD transmission. Two electric motors develop 33 horsepower, with a 5.5 hp engine in front. They allow the Omega to overcome light off-road without any problems. The maximum speed is 100 km/h.

There are two batteries to choose from: with a capacity of 10.2 and 18.4 kWh. The power reserve on a single charge varies from 128 to 220 kilometers according to the local CLTC methodology. The curb weight is 840 or 880 kg depending on the battery.

The price for the base version starts at 49,800 yuan (7230 USD). For the top version, you will have to pay 59,800 yuan (8680 USD).

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