Hyundai M.Vision 2GO

Hyundai M.Vision POP EV / M.Vision 2GO

Hyundai unveiled the M.Vision POP EV and M.Vision 2GO hydrogen vehicle concepts at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. A unique feature of these prototypes is special wheels that can turn 90 degrees and allow the car to move sideways, or even rotate in place. According to the company, a skateboard platform with all steerable wheels will be developed specifically for these models by 2023.

Hyundai M.Vision POP EV and M.Vision 2GO differ from each other primarily in size. Given its mission as a delivery vehicle, the M.Vision 2GO is 23.6 inches (600 mm) longer than the M.Vision Pop and features a rear cargo area with adjustable shelves made out of recycled plastic. The concept has a cargo capacity of approximately 21.2 cubic feet (600 liters) and boasts a removable cart that resembles a door from the outside.

It is known that the M.Vision 2GO runs on hydrogen fuel cells and has a range of 200 km. The unique wheel control technology was called e-corner. The company sees it as the basis for the creation of future vehicles focused on urban mobility and able to easily maneuver in tight spaces. An autonomous module is built into each corner of the car, which is a rotary motor-wheel with a control unit, brakes and suspension.

The e-corner modules are not mechanically connected to other components of the car. This allows you to make the design more flexible and make changes without costly radical alterations. The e-corner first appeared back in 2018, but then it was an absolutely raw technology. The new version, presented at CES in 2022, is ready for full operation. However, there are still long and difficult tests ahead.

The concept is also notable for featuring transparent LED modules, which act as windows and can be used to display advertisements. The panels can also display animations to alert pedestrians and drivers that the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded.

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