Kaiyi Shiyue

Kaiyi Shiyue

Kaiyi announced that its pure electric two-door mini EV codenamed i-EA 01 is officially named “Shiyue” (拾月). The design is simple: a chassis with a beam at the back and an electric motor at the front, four seats, an overall length within 3.4 meters and several variants of powertrain. Prices are not disclosed, but we can focus on 40 thousand yuan ($5,466).

Chery is already represented in the segment of cheap city-cars, but the QQ lineup differs in architecture: the bet was made on the layout with rear-wheel drive and solid axle. However, Kaiyi Shiyue differs little in dimensions, and cartoon design of three-doors is common. It is filled with several options: there are LED optics, 15-inch wheels, a digital dashboard, and a media system with touchscreen.

There is not much information about the characteristics, but it should be close to the concept car i-EA 01. Under the hood there will be an engine with 48 or 54 horsepower, the range will be from 155 to 401 kilometers according to the CLTC, and the maximum speed will be limited at 100 kilometers per hour.

In 2024, the range may be supplemented by a “stretched” five-door version of the model: a concept car was announced in March. However, such cars are unlikely to be exported: without government incentives, their sales in foreign markets are not reasonable.

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