KG Mobility Minimum Mobility

KG Motors Minimum Mobility Concept

On 18 March 2024, Hiroshima-based startup KG Motors and ENEOS signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on sustainable mobility using the “Minimum Mobility” ultra-compact EV, which is currently under development.

KG Motors is developing an original ultra-compact EV “Minimum Mobility” with the aim of mass production and sales in 2025, with the aim of “realising a decarbonised society through the miniaturisation of mobility”. It’s a start-up company. In addition to exhibiting at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, it also won second place in the popular vehicle competition at the Osaka Auto Messe 2023, making it a remarkable success.

On the other hand, Eneos’ long-term group vision is to achieve both “stable supply of energy and materials” and “realisation of a carbon-neutral society”.

Minimum Mobility is a small electric vehicle with a single seat in the center. The design is inspired by the Polaroid camera of the 1980s, giving it a unique look. The symmetrical shape of the front and back gives it a retro yet futuristic feel, making it cute. It stands out for its excellent environmental performance due to its small size and light weight, it does not require vehicle inspection and taxes are low, making it excellent value for money. The concept is the next generation of easy-to-ride mobility that is fun, easy and environmentally friendly.

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