Kia PV1

At the CES 2024 exhibition, KIA officially presented three concept electric vans called the PV1, PV5 and PV7 with interchangeable bodies. Kia believes it has cracked the code with a range of commercial vehicles that it believes will offer exceptional versatility.

The PV1 will be the smallest model, and is designed for cities and other tight spaces.

To make vehicles even more useful, Kia plans to develop special business software to help owners manage their fleets. The PV series vehicles will also use artificial intelligence technology to provide predictive maintenance suggestions and a charging program tailored to each customer’s needs. Serial production of vans is expected to begin in 2025.

“Kia PBVs will initiate a new era of seamless everyday business and lifestyle solutions,” said Karim Habib, the head of Kia Global Design. “We hope to make our customers’ lives easier and better, whether they’re stationary or on the move, offering exceptional flexibility and customization through radical modularization.”

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