Lada 1801 Pony

Lada 1801 Pony

The 70s of the 20th century was a time of fun buggy cars that were very fashionable at the time. Many companies created such projects using serial components. The open body, made of fiberglass with skilfully built-in suspension and drive, was supposed to give maximum joy from driving on the beach, but also made it possible to move on public roads.

The second interesting idea was evolution of electric cars that successfully drove golfers around golf courses. Properly equipped, they also gave the opportunity to move on public roads. There were also those who tried to combine the two concepts.

In 1979, Lada came up with the idea of a golf-styled four-seater electric vehicle for servicing resorts, exhibitions, park areas, etc. Yuriy Vereshchagin developed the original design of the Lada 1801 Pony. Vitaliy Baranovsky became the chief designer.

It was expected that it would be possible to prepare a batch of these cars for the Moscow Olympic games in 1980. Unfortunately, the constructors were not entirely sure about the car, so it did not go to the sports festival.

In total, only 3 prototypes were made. Later, this electric car participated in many car shows. And as an exhibit and service tool, it always aroused the greatest interest of the public and the desire to drive.

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