Lampago Trike

Lampago Trike

The Turkish company Lampago (which translates as “lightning”) presented a three-wheeled electric bicycle for trips around town. It looks quite funny and resembles a Vespa stroller crossed with a scooter.

It has a rounded, streamlined body with two doors. Inside the open cabin are two seats, one behind the other. The lack of a roof requires helmets, but this makes the Lampago an electric moped.

The type of the electric motor is not specified. Presumably its power is 1000 W. A 60-volt lithium battery with a capacity of 30 A-h provides a range of 40 to 72 km without recharging. The trike’s wheels are 10.0 inches. Drum brakes. The maximum speed is 45 km/h. The total load capacity is 200 kg.

There is no information about prices and availability of the Lampago Trike. In Europe, a “light motorcycle” license is probably required to drive such a vehicle. You can get it from the age of 16.

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