M1NSK is a three-door hatchback for four people (seating arrangement 2 +2) from Belarus. It is powered by an electric motor on the rear axle, which produces 5.5 horsepower (4 kilowatts), which is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 8 kilowatt-hours.

The EV covers 120-150 kilometers on a single charge, and it takes 6-8 hours to recharge from an ordinary outlet.

The equipment list includes disc brakes, a tablet multimedia system, electric power steering, power windows and a rearview camera. It also could be equipped with a sunroof and even cruise control in the future.

The cost of M1NSK is $9900, and it can be ordered with 50% advance payment. After a year the automaker promises to return 20 percent of the price and offers future customers to observe the assembly process.

M1NSK is a clone of the Chinese Arcfox Lite by BAIC. But the Chinese quadricycle is more powerful (electric motor produces more than 40 horsepower) and costs from 110.8 thousand yuan or $16,500.

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