Mahindra Atom

Mahindra Atom

Technically, the Mahindra Atom falls into the ATV category of India, a market segment similar to European ATVs / old non-licensed vehicles, or maybe even the American low-speed EV category. Importantly, it will be the first electric ATV sold in India.

This is a slow-moving city car that people can use to move around the city: to work, on business, visiting friends, and so on. Sometimes even for long journeys.

The Mahindra Atom is powered by a 15 kW electric motor, which is about 20 horsepower, enough for this segment. Top speed should be a little over 30 mph or so, with a range of about 55 to 65 miles. The cost is around $ 4,000.

The Atom design is pretty good. In fact, this is a box on wheels, but as we know, this is the formula for maximizing internal volume. It looks modern and cuddly like the backdrop car in a sci-fi movie. The black dashboard with the asymmetrical air intake grille and stylish lighting equipment looks especially good. It doesn’t look cheap, it looks modern and cutting edge.

At the back is the boot lid with two external latches. It is not clear whether it leans down or is removed completely.

The interior is as simple and spartan as you’d expect, but well-designed and not afraid to have a little fun, like the charming city skyline pattern on the back seat. Wonderful!

The dashboard is pretty basic, but there are multiple USB ports and 12-volt charging, a phone dock, and an optional infotainment screen. The windows are roll-up, but there is an air conditioner! In fact, that’s all you need.

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