Mobilize Bento

Mobilize Bento

Mobilze Bento is a cargo version of Mobilize Duo. This urban electric vans will be available by subscription or long-term lease schemes.

The Bento EV is based on a tubular frame and have unpainted plastic body panels. The Bento is slightly longer than Dua and taller due to the addition of a cargo box.

There is a boombox-style dashboard with a small digital instrument cluster, a built-in speaker, a USB-C connector and a smartphone docking station. The cab is fully enclosed by large glass surfaces on the door, and there is an airbag on the steering wheel. The Bento is a single-seat vehicle with a 700-liter cargo compartment in the back.

The EV has a single electric motor that drives the rear wheels. It will be offered in two versions: one with a top speed of 45 km/h for those without a car license, and one with a top speed of 80 km/h. Mobilize did not disclose power output and other performance figures, but said that both versions have sharp acceleration capabilities. The electric car will be able to travel 140 km on a single charge and can add 90 km of range in three hours from a standard household outlet.

Mobilize Bento compatible with connected fleet management and sharing services. The software can be updated remotely, enabling or disabling features according to customer preference. The production version should appear in 2024.

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