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Mole Urbana EVs

At the Monza Motor Show in 2023, the Italian company Mole Urbana showed commercial samples of urban electric vehicles of its own design with a very sophisticated design and launched them for sale.

Mole Urbana is the brainchild of Italian automotive designer Umberto Palermo, his company showed the first prototype of its own electric car in 2020 and is now ready to begin mass production at the former Stola factory in Orbassano (a suburb of Turin).

Mole Urbana is a whole family of 12 electric vehicles belonging to the class of electric quadricycles. The Mole Urbana are quite expensive due to the author’s style and modern materials: the price range is from 14,500 to 26,000 euros.

The Mole Urbana is based on a tubular frame made of stainless steel and aluminum, the outer panels (if any) are made of mass-dyed plastic, painting is not provided. The microcars have McPherson suspension and disk brakes at all corners.

Mole Urbana

The basic versions have front-wheel drive, but AWD versions with mechanical power take-off to the rear wheels are also available. The power of the electric motor ranges from 5 kW (6.8 hp) to 15 kW (20.4 hp), depending on the version chosen. The maximum speed is 80 km/h. Kerb weight is no more than 450 kg. The range on one charge is 150-200 km. The battery is located at the rear of the body and can be quickly replaced.

Most versions of the Mole Urbana have a body that looks like an old telephone booth, but there are also more modern versions, such as the Sport GT coupe, the roadster without a roof and the Sandy beach buggy. The overall length of the two-seater versions is 2.6 m, the four-seater and some commercial versions are 3 m (there are four commercial versions – a pickup truck and three vans with different shape of the cargo area).

The interior design of the Mole Urbana depends on the type of body: in the case of the phone booth electric car, the front panel is in the form of a table with cup holders, and behind it is the plastic dashboard, the design of which also depends on the version of the model. Recycled materials and natural wood are used for decoration.

Mole Urbana is now accepting pre-orders for a pilot batch of its electric vehicles, with the first finished units expected to be delivered to customers before the end of the year.

Mole Urbana Sandy

Option in the form of a compact electric sand buggy.

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