Morrison Midge Runabout

Morrison Midge Runabout

Morrison Midge Runabout was a rare three-wheeled electric car from the 1960s.

The Midge Runabout was built by Morrison Electricar, a British company known for making small delivery trucks and milk floats. The company started in the 1890s as an engineering company and made its first electric vehicle in 1933. It went through many ownership changes over the years before shutting down in 1983, being purchased by Austin in 1948 and becoming part of the British Motor Corporation in 1952.

In 1966, Morrison introduced the Midge Runabout, a small three-wheeled vehicle meant for use on private property. It looked like a bumper car and did not require a driver’s license. Morrison advertised it as economical, silent transportation for offices, factories, and private grounds. However, the Midge Runabout did not become popular and little information about it exists today.

We have no details on the Midge Runabout’s motor or battery, but it was likely slow with limited range. Only two Midge Runabouts may still exist nowadays. One reportedly sold at an auction in 2008, while the other was for sale in Ohio in 2023.

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