Onomotion ONO

Onomotion ONO

ONOMOTION is a Berlin based company. Its latest innovation, called the ONO, is a delivery-focused lightweight electric vehicle that is a cross between an electric bike and a microcar. Bicycles and e-bikes are now used as delivery vehicles in many countries, but they have one drawback – exposure to the environment.

Thanks to the closed cab, ONO protects the driver from the weather. Having a roof over your head and a windshield over your face can make all the difference in keeping a delivery man up and running. It also means that a light downpour will not require a stop to avoid getting the delivery person wet as well as getting the loads wet. The ONO is designed to ride on bike paths, and as such, more roads are available for it than for a standard delivery van.

In terms of ONO capabilities, it has a maximum load capacity of 200 kilograms, and it is designed to be loaded and unloaded by just one person thanks to an integrated rear ramp that allows one person to load heavy loads.

It is powered by two hub-mounted electric motors with a total output of 113 Nm of torque. Due to its intended use on bike paths, the ONO is limited to a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour when pedaling. The engine is capable of accelerating the vehicle to a speed of 6 kilometers per hour without pedaling. Finally, its 1.4 kWh battery is sufficient for a trip of up to 30 kilometers.

ONO is equipped with a GPS tracking and data transmission system, as well as an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) system. It’s offered on a long-term rental scheme that amounts to 589 Euros, or around $616 USD per month, over a period of 48 months. Furthermore, it qualifies for 2,500-Euro funding (approximately $2,613 USD) by the Federal Ministry for the Environment.

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