This plastic-doomed for all-around visibility, a three-wheeled bubble car Pajtás was built by Pál Fodor, an engineer at the Ministry of Metallurgy and Machinery, and Ferenc Ádám. Their work was described as a «closed-body car with a Pannonia engine».

The 3-wheeler featured gulf-wing doors to easy entry for the two adults and two children who could fit inside the egg-shaped shell. It was powered by a motorcycle engine and gearbox at the rear, cooled by air ducted through the body from the front grill.

With only six clamps and twelve nut bolts, the two components, the cabin and the Pannonia frame, were tightly connected. The engine can be started from the inside using a hitch or a pull-out pedal.

The three-wheeled 250 kg plastic-roofed Pajtás had a top speed of 75-80 km/h and consumes 4.5-5 liters at a speed of 50 km/h. The handbrake acts on all three wheels. Reversing is achieved by reversing the engine.

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