Pickman XR

Pickman XR

Pickman is a California-based company which manufactures its vehicles in China. The original idea for an all-electric XR mini pickup truck dates back to 2012, but the development and testing process took nine years. And although there are so many electric vehicles these days, the Pickman really stands out with its tiny size and capabilities like full-fledged pickups.

The Pickman XR is available in two versions: XR (two-door) and 4XR (four-door). The dimensions of the standard XR are 3599 mm long, 1519 mm wide and 1844 mm high. With a payload of about 600 kg the two-door XR can tow a trailer weighing up to 3 tons. Its big brother, the 4XR, is 3655 mm long, 1519 mm wide and 1854 mm high. It can also pull a 3-ton trailer with it, but its carrying capacity is slightly lower – 500 kg.

Both versions are equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery that provides a range of up to 80 kilometers and takes up to four hours to fully charge. The BSE Trim battery pack will cost you an additional $1,500, but the range will increase to 150 kilometers. There is also an EXT Trim Battery option, which will cost $4,000 but will increase the range on a single charge to 210 kilometers.

The electric pickup will be available in 13 colors. There are options for every taste: from black and white to maroon, orange, yellow, green, red, gray and other colors.

The maximum speed is 80 km/h. There are three driving modes: low speed 4WD, high speed 4WD, maximum speed 2WD. Four-wheel drive is provided by two electric motors: 3 kW at the front axle and 7.5 kW at the rear axle.

There are also pure off-road attributes, including a roof rack with LED lights, front bumper protection, side steps, front and rear skid plate, independent suspension, 15-inch wheels, lifted suspension, fender flares and a rearview camera.

There is a 7-inch smart display located in the center of the dashboard. Other notable features include two 12V outlets, an LCD tachometer and power steering.

The pickup will offer a wide range of options from an air conditioner ($600) and tube doors ($200 a pair) to a 5 kW portable power station that will charge a variety of electrical devices. It costs $3,000 and comes with 5 USB ports, a DC outlet, and a 2000W inverter.

Right now, the creators are trying to raise the necessary amount for the production of Pickman XR through the Indigogo crowdfunding platform. The estimated date of the first deliveries is December 2021. The two-door XR model starts at $17,000, while the four-door 4XR will cost $18,000 for the base trim.

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