Qifeng K7

Qifeng K7

Millions of men all over the world dream of Mercedes Gelandewagen, but they can not afford it because of the high price. Now it is possible to buy its much cheaper version — the Chinese company Qifeng Auto has developed a compact electric car with a design that refers to the G-Class.

It is called Qifeng K7 and refers to the segment of “low-speed electric vehicles” (LSEV). In China LSEVs are forbidden to travel on highways, and their maximum speed can not exceed 50 kph. Previously, such electric cars were bought only by pensioners and invalids, but now they are often taken by young people. LSEV allow you to travel around traffic jams using bicycle lanes and you do not have to pay for their parking.

The length, width, height of Qifeng K7 is 3290, 1482 and 1614 mm, respectively. The wheelbase is 2143 mm. Despite its compact dimensions, the K7 has a five-door four-seat body. It is made using frame-panel technology — the structure is welded from steel pipes, and the outer panels are made of fiberglass. There is a choice of two electric motors with power of 5.3 hp or 6.7 hp. They are combined with lead-acid batteries. The range on one charge is 170 km. The maximum permissible speed is 50 kph.

Inside you’ll find a multimedia system with a slot for SD-cards, USB- and AUX-inputs, WiFi, radio and even GPS-navigation. The media player allows you to play music and video.

The cost of Qifeng K7 in China is 24,988 yuan, about 4,000 USD. Note that the company Qifeng Auto is a part of Lichi Electric Vehicle Corporation, which is the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles of the LSEV class.

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