Renault e-Plein Air Concept

Renault e-Plein Air

Renault celebrated the 10th anniversary of the 4L International meeting of Renault 4 owners with a presentation of modern reincarnation of the Plein Air modification.

The electric concept car without a roof and doors is called e-Plein Air. The concept was the result of collaboration between the Renault Classic and Renault Design divisions. Melun Retro Passion also took part in the project. It specializes in producing spare parts for classic Alpine, Citroen, Peugeot and Renault cars.

Renault didn’t say much about the model, but noted it has a modernized design and an electric powertrain sourced from the Twizy. Judging by the photos, the concept design is almost the same as the original Renault 4 Plein Air.

Original Renault 4 Plein Air

Original Renault 4 Plein Air

The front of the Renault e-Plein Air features the white plastic radiator grille. The seat trim is made of leather in two colors, and instead of a back row, a small luggage basket was installed, which is securely attached to the body with two leather straps. The battery and electric motor is located under it.

Renault Twizy, which has become a “donor” of the technical components is available in two versions. Twizy 45 is equipped with a 6.1-kilowatt battery that powers a 5-hp electric motor (33 Nm). With such an arsenal, it is able to drive up to 60 miles (100 km) and the maximum speed is limited to 45 km/h. The second version is equipped with a more powerful 17 hp engine, which has a torque of 57 Nm. This version is capable of speeds up to 80 km/h. One of these engines is used for the e-Plein Air concept.

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