Renault Twingo Art Car by Sabrine Marcelis

Renault Twingo Art Car by Sabrine Marcelis

Renault transforms the classic Twingo hatchback into a transparent electric car. The Renault Twingo hatchback was launched in 1993 and quickly became a bestseller and a symbol of the French brand.

In the year of the model’s 30th anniversary, the company decided to celebrate the anniversary of its legendary small car by presenting an art car created in collaboration with the world-famous designer and contemporary artist Sabine Marcelis. The Dutch artist presented a very unusual view of the model. A particular challenge for her was the fact that she had never worked with cars before.

Marcelis is known for her work with clean, elegant shapes, a particular love of light, and a mastery of technology that pushes the boundaries of what is possible to make the most of materials.

The artist has transformed a Renault Twingo into an art car with milky-white translucent body panels with diffuse lighting and an interior made of transparent scarlet plastic. The standard powertrain has been replaced by the R-Fit kit, which is offered to convert classic Renault models into electric cars.

The art car ended up with a 65-horsepower electric motor and a 10.7-kilowatt-hour battery. Formally, the translucent Renault Twingo can drive itself and even go up to 90 kilometers without recharging, but in reality the car will remain a single showpiece.

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