Singulato iC3

Singulato iC3 Concept

Chinese start-up Singulato presented a subcompact iC3 electric car in Shanghai, whose design is based on the discontinued Toyota iQ EV. According to Reuters, the Japanese simply sold this model to Singulato. Fortunately, the new microcar is not a full copy. There are differences in exterior and interior design as well as technical improvements. Toyota iQ EV could pass only 53 miles (85 km) on a single charge. The iC3 promise the range more than 190 miles (300 km).

With the above in mind, one cannot say that the new iC3 is a complete copy of the Toyota iQ EV. The Shanghai show car sports a modified exterior, a completely made-over cabin, and quite a bit of new tech.

Toyota was equipped with a rather small 12 kWh battery. If the Chinese failed to drastically reduce energy costs per kilometer (which is unlikely), then they needed to somehow squeeze blocks of 42 kWh under the iC3 floor. But the manufacturer does not give us this information yet. The iQ EV had 64 hp and 163 N•m, allowing you to reach 62 mph (100 kph) in 14 seconds and had a maximum speed of 78 mph (125 kph). However, lithium cells themselves have become more perfect in recent years than at the time of the appearance of iQ EV.

The length, width, height and wheelbase of the model are 3166, 1680, 1480 and 2000 mm, respectively. It is 46 mm longer and 25 mm lower than Toyota. The remaining sizes are the same. What has been redone one hundred percent is the interior. There is nothing left here from Toyota. The letter i means Intellectual, C – Chaser, and the number “3” simply indicates the size of the model in the Singulato series.

Using iQ EV as a basis allowed Singulato to dramatically shorten the model development cycle. In exchange for this service, Toyota will be entitled to buy the “green loans” that Singulato will generate, releasing various cars in China without exhausting. Toyota itself will bring the first electric cars in China – the C-HR EV and Izoa EV – only in 2020. Baby iC3, shown in Shanghai, is still a concept. It is known that its serial version should appear in 2021.


  • Country: China
  • Powertrain: Electric
  • Range: 190 miles (300 km)
  • Sizes: 3166x1680x1480 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2000 mm

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