Sinotech Q2

Sinotech Q2

A miniature electric vehicle Sinotech Q2 designed to carry one person has appeared on the Chinese online marketplace Alibaba. Despite its tiny size, the car is equipped with all the necessary devices to move on public roads. Depending on the configuration and delivery terms, the cost of a Chinese electric car ranges from $100 to $4,000.

The tiny electric car is 2,133 millimeters in length, 900 mm in width and 1,495 millimeters in height. With a 1515 mm wheelbase the curb weight of the model is 230 kilograms. Despite the miniature size the electric car has a 150 mm ground clearance.

The Chinese electric car is equipped with a rounded closed body, two doors, four 10-inch wheels with disc brakes, and a single wiper. In addition, the equipment of the model includes lighting devices, and rear-view mirrors, which formally allow the car to be operated on public roads.

The car is driven by a 1.3-horsepower electric motor, which accelerates Sinotech Q2 to 40 kilometers per hour. The rear-wheel drive electric car is capable of driving 60 kilometers at maximum speed on a single battery charge. Depending on the additional equipment and the country of the buyer, the cost of a miniature vehicle ranges from $100 to $4,000.

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