Squad Solar City Car

Squad Solar City Car

For the past three years, Squad Mobility from the Netherlands has been working on the creation of “the world’s first solar-powered city car”. The novelty is called Squad Solar City Car: it combines the ease of use of a moped with the safety and convenience of a car, costs only 6,250 euros and, as follows from the developer’s statement, runs on solar energy.

The ultra-compact car accommodates two passengers and a couple of bags: the Squad Solar City Car is two meters long, 1.2 meters wide and 1.6 meters high. For comparison, it is as much as 70 centimeters shorter than the Indian Bajaj Qute.

The EV is powered by two electric motors with capacity 1,6 kilowatt each which are located in the back. There are solar panels on the roof. There are also several interchangeable battery packs of 1.6 kilowatt-hours, which allows the Solar City Car to travel up to 100 kilometers. It is specified that the solar panel adds about 20 kilometers a day to the range, but only in summer.

For ease of use, the Solar City Car is equipped with removable doors and a removable passenger seat. At the same time, it is not deprived of comfort options such as air conditioning, cup holders, phone holder and even an energy supply for a laptop. A fully equipped city-car with full glass cockpit will cost 9300 euros.

Squad Solar City Car belongs to the L6e category, which means that you only need a moped license to drive it, and, depending on the laws in different European countries, you can drive such a car from the age of 14.

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