2017 Suzuki e-Survivor Concept

Suzuki e-Survivor

Suzuki has presented a fun electric concept car e-Survivor. It is a small, robust open top SUV to be officially presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2017.

The Suzuki e-Survivor is designed as a fully-electric all-wheel-drive car. Each wheel is fitted with own electric motor. In addition to the alternative drive, the e-Survivor has a high degree of ground clearance. In conjunction with a weight-optimized design, hardly existing overhangs and generous wheel arches with off-road tires, the Suzuki e-Survivor should be a perfect offroader.

Suzuki takes the off-road classic Vitara, Jimmy and X-90 as an inspiration for the two-seat e-Survivor. Suzuki, however, tells that the study will look far into the future. The robust design of the electric car on a frame, however, tend to speak for a near future vehicle.

Suzuki e-Survivor concept photos

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