T-King LE17

T-King LE17

Shandong Tangjun Ouling Automobile Manufacture Co.,Ltd. produces the extremely narrow 0.2 ton mini-truck LE7 under the brand name T-King.

The LE17’s narrow body makes it well suited for urban logistics and distribution. Its electric platform offers low noise and short charging time, saving on express logistics and distribution costs.

With a high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, it has a range of over 80-100 km in real-world conditions and high power output, making it an ideal choice for urban distribution. The power swap mode allows battery leasing without worrying about costly battery attenuation, and the LOGO body can be customized for each transportation company to meet specific needs.

The LE17 has dimensions of 3310mm in length, 1080mm in width and 1690mm in height, making it ideal for courier vehicles to navigate through narrow streets and alleys with its compact 1m width.

The interior of the LE17 is designed to provide ample space for the driver, with a streamlined layout and a bright and spacious view for comprehensive observation of road conditions, resulting in an excellent driving experience.

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