Takeoka T10 / T10G

Takeoka T10 / T10G

Takeoka T10 is a tiny city electric car from Japan. It has only one place, but according to the official website there is a place inside for pets! The minicar developed with Toyama University. Dimensions – 2240x1180x1440 mm. Turning radius – 2.6 meters. Its weight only 280 kg. Gross weight – 365 kg. Top speed – 55 kph. Range – 45 km. This should be more than enough for everyday drive to an office and back. The electric motor has an output of 2.5 kW / 6000 rpm. Price starts from ¥968,760 (~USD 8,500).

There is another version in the range – Takeoka T10G, powered with a gasoline 50 cc engine. Weight – 190 kg, GVW – 275 kg. Top speed – 49 kph. Range – 45 km. The engine is the same that used on Takeoka Abbey Carrot – Yamaha CE50, 3.1 kW (4.2 ps) and 3.6 Nm. Price starts from ¥936,360 (~USD 8,250).

T10 and T10G microcars can be used for school commuting, shopping or ride to hospital. Standard equipment includes sliding side windows, air intakes on the dashboard, rear space (equivalent to 30 inches LCD) LED taillights and braking lights, and large opening doors.

Takeoka T10 / T10G photos

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