Tazzari Minimax Cubo

Tazzari Minimax Cubo

Italian company Tazzari EV Zero Emission Mobility has created what they believe is the perfect electric delivery vehicle. It is called the Minimax Cubi. The EV can cover more than 300 km on a single charge. At the same time, several battery sizes will be available to choose from.

The width of the Minimax Cubo is only 1200 mm, which allows it to pass almost anywhere. All this is combined with the possibility of transporting goods in the format of euro pallets thanks to the cargo compartment with a width of 1100 mm and a length of 1250 mm.

The model features top safety, large tires and 4 disc brakes, electric braking system with ABS and advanced energy recovery for extraordinary range. The EV charges from zero to 80% in less than an hour, depending on the battery size, the selected charger and the selected charging power (three charging speeds and two driving modes are available).

The Minimax Cubo is available in three versions: Pickup and Van versions, and the Naked version, which is a model that is freely configurable according to the requirements of the end use. Tazzari EV Zero Emission Mobility has started delivering the electric car to the first customers.

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