Triggo EV


The Polish company Triggo has created a small electric car which is only 260 cm long for large cities overloaded with traffic. But its main feature is the width, which can vary from 86 to 146 cm due to the adjustable wheelbase. The novelty is designed to take its rightful place in the category of light vehicles designed for one or two passengers.

The electric car received an option of quick battery replacement and belongs to the L7E class. Its maximum mileage on a single charge is 60 miles (100 km). The manufacturer places particular emphasis on the fact that with the folded chassis, five Triggo can be placed in one standard parking space. A fully functional industrial design is already available for potential buyers, and mass production of the model is planned for 2021.

The Triggo EV has two 10-watt electric motors (in accordance with the characteristics of the L7E class the total engine power is reduced to 15 kW) and a replaceable battery of 8 kWh. Given its own weight of 400 kg and a 130 kg battery pack, the maximum vehicle weight is limited to 750 kg.

There are two modes for the wheelbase. In the “road” mode the chassis width is 148 cm. The car accelerates to 90 km/h. In the “maneuvering” mode the wheelbase can be reduced to 86 cm, and then for a complete turn, the vehicle will only have 3.5 meters. This feature is equally useful in traffic jams and parking lots, but the speed of the machine with a narrow chassis is reduced to 25 km/h to ensure stability and eliminate the risk of tipping over.

The interior is a fully glazed 75 cm wide cabin with a helm instead of a steering wheel. The interior includes equipment with a digital control system, which can be further upgraded to fully autonomous driving, in particular for use as a robotaxi.

The manufacturer plans not only to sell the finished product, but also a license to release its electric vehicles. According to Triggo, his patents are registered in the European Union, USA, Japan, China and India.

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