Muravey EV

Muravey VTS-01 / VTS-02

The Tulamashzavod from Russia started production of the new ‘Muravei’ electric truck. This car was first introduced in the summer of 2019. The name is given in honor of the legendary cargo scooter, which was produced at TMZ from 1959 to 1995. The only dealer of the new ‘Muravey’ (means ‘Ant’) throughout Russia is the Romanov Motors from Moscow, which sales electric vehicles.

The new ‘Muravey’ has 4 wheels. A closed 2-seat cabin with full doors and windows, as well as automobile controls are used here. The cabin has a frame/panel design with a welded frame. All exterior panels are made of fiberglass.

The length, width and height of the microtruck are 3470, 1500 and 2100 mm, respectively. Curb weight is 1000 kg, load capacity is 1000 kg. A 5 hp electric motor is powered by lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte. Maximum speed is 22 km/h. Milage varies from 70 to 90 km (depending on load).

It is important to note that the truck does not have access to public roads, it is intended for operation inside large warehouses, factories and park areas. Two modifications are available: VTS-01 and VTS-02. The first can be charged from a diesel generator, the second – only from a battery.

The price of the new ‘Muravey’ is 1,250,000 rubles, or $17,000. The factory warranty for the truck is one year.

Tulamashzavod, one of the largest military-industrial enterprises in Russia, produces a wide range of military, civilian and dual-use products: guns, artillery mounts, anti-aircraft guns, mowers, motoblocks, electric cultivators, electric trucks, diesel generators, etc.

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