Xinri 03

Xinri 03 / 03A

Brilliance China Auto is preparing to take its place in the compact electric vehicle market. The company announced two EVs under the Xinri subbrand, with which it plans to compete with the bestseller of the Chinese market Wuling Hongguang Mini EV.

Technically Xinri 03 and Xinri 03A arethe same car in two exterior variants. The first is focused on the women’s audience, the second – to the youth and connoisseurs of active lifestyle. The overall length of both – 3288 mm, width – 1670 mm, height – 1654 mm, wheelbase size – 2185 mm.

The interiors design is identical. The standard equipment is the virtual instrument panel, rear HD camera and a touch screen. The airbags, even for the driver, are an option.

The powerplants of the Xinri 03 and 03A are the same – an electric motor with a capacity of 61 hp (150 nm of torque) and a traction battery with a capacity of 31.45 kWh. The range is 410 km in the Chinese CLTC measuring cycle. The battery can be replenished from 30 to 80% of the capacity in 45 minutes.

In China, Xinri 03 will cost from 59,800 yuan ($9,050). At the same time, the Xinri 03a, which is actually different only from the outside, was estimated twice as expensive – from 119,800 to 125 000 yuan ($18,130 – 18,915).

For comparison, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV costs in China from $4,500. In 2021, sales of the model in the local market amounted to 426 452 units.

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