Zetta Module 2

The second generation of Zetta city electric car was presented in Tolyatti, Russia. It is jointly developed by a group of designers from Tolyatti and Zelenograd.

The new version is called “Zetta Module 2”, while it exists only in the form of a full-size mockup without doors, interior and windows. Comparing to the first generation prototype presented a year ago, the Module 2 design is completely different. Zetta is created as a social vehicle focused on wheelchair users.

The creators of Zetta citycar would like to certify it as a heavy quadricycles, but so far the specifications do not fit the class requirements. Zetta is too heavy and too powerful. The curb weight of the prototype including batteries is 820 kg, but if you use an aluminum frame, it can be reduced to 555 kg. But it is not the main problem. Even one motor-wheel is 15 kW more powerful than the maximum permissible in this class.

The future of Zetta is still unknown. The project needs big investments.

Zetta Module 2 photos

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