Fiat 126 with Toyota MR2 engine

Fiat 126 with Toyota MR2 engine — the great thing for drag racing

Yes, you can use Fiat 126 in drag racing. Adam Skinner from Taz Racing uses his 1991 Fiat 126 to beat competitors. Of course the standard engine was replaced by the 2.0 L 3SGTE inline-four from a Toyota MR2 with a LSD transmission. The engine is mounted behind the front seats.

The engine features JE 86.5 mm pistons, Williams rods, STD crank, STD camshafts, STD head, and 750 cc injectors. The hybrid CT20B turbocharger propels the Fiat to a 12.305 sec quarter-mile at 116.85 mph.

Watch the video below to see this very fast Fiat 126!

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