Look at the Smart Fortwo, which has been turned into a mobile home

Often crossovers and SUVs are turned into motor homes. However, for owners of tiny electric cars, there is also a great offer, which will allow them to get out into nature far away from civilization.

The project is called the Smart Overlander, and it looks amazing. It is based on the standard Fortwo city car. It has increased ground clearance by 50 mm, put the wheels on off-road tires, installed a safety cage and reinforced running boards. It also integrates two additional lights in the front and a winch.

A folding tent was installed on the roof. It extends outside the body, forming also a canopy. Under it, there is an improvised shower. The luggage compartment has a large box, in which there is a mini-kitchen. It consists of a hob and sink. Dishes are stored in a special case.

The engine is stock. This tiny motorhome is driven by a 70-hp electric motor, which allows speeds up to 105 km/h. So far, this car is the only one, and it is not known whether it will be produced in small series.

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