The slowest electric cars meet in drag racing

The British car magazine What Car?, known for its analytical materials and consumer test drives, does not do drag racing very often. But if such races take place, they are distinguished by a very unusual chose of the participants. This time a quartet of participants included only electric cars, but the most inexpensive and extremely low-power.

The most powerful was the Citroen Ami, introduced in 2020. Equipped with an 8-horsepower electric motor and weighing 485 kilograms, the electric car can drive up to 75 kilometers without recharging.

The electric car Estrima Biro weighs 350 kilograms, but has a capacity of only four horsepower. But the quadricycle has a removable battery, which allows you to drive up to 55 kilometers, and when discharged – do not waste time for recharging and just replace the battery with a charged one.

The tiny Scooterpac Cabin Car is styled like the Aston Martin and has only one horsepower, but this power comes to 178 kilograms of mass. And this model can travel 35 kilometers. Standing apart is the compact open-top Sinclair C5, which weighs 45 kilograms, can travel up to 32 kilometers without recharging, but not very fast, because its power is only 0.34 horsepower.

So, who has won the drag? What do you think?

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