The Stig in a modified bumper car

The Stig set a new world speed record in a modified bumper car

Famous racer The Stig from Top Gear show set a new world speed record in a bumper car. The results were included in the Guinness Book of Records.

The speed record was set on a modified bumper car with a gasoline engine. After making two runs, The Stig reached 172,827 and 150,124 kph, respectively. The rides took place on a runway of Bentwaters airfield in Suffolk, UK.

The car was made by Colin Ferz, who equipped it with 101 hp 600 cc engine from a motorcycle Honda. It takes only 3 week to create it. In previous videos, Furze detailed the steps he took to strip down the crusty old carnival cast-off and rebuild it with a strengthened frame, which involved a lot of custom fabrication.

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