This is What the Slowest and Most Environmentally Friendly Drag Race in the World Looks Like

British car magazine What Car published a video of the slowest drag race in the world. The French Citroen Ami quadricycle, the Indian Mahindra e20 city car and the British Sinclair C5 took part in it.

The most powerful of the two, the 2017 Mahindra e20, is equipped with a 25-horsepower motor and can travel up to 120 km without recharging. It is the heaviest in this trio of drag racers weighting 830 kg.

Next in power, weight and range is the Citroen Ami, which debuted in 2020. The quadricycle weighing 485 kg can offer only 8 hp and 75 km without recharging.

As for the representative of the British car industry, the Sinclair C5, it is the least adapted to racing. In fact, it is a one-place three-wheeler with a 0,34 hp motor. It weighs only 45 kg and can travel up to 32 km on a single charge.

With this vehicle, the British millionaire Sir Clive Sinclair, knighted by the successful Sinclair Research line of home computers in the early 1980s, hoped to repeat his success in the electric car market.

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