Watch how Fiat 126 break down twice during this test-drive

I like Fiat 126s so much that my pads are shaking. Fortunately, Youtube has a lot of videos about this Polish microcar. Here is one of them, in which the owner of Fiat 126 decides to show his car to his skeptical friend. The test drive does not go as well as planned, and the car breaks twice before even getting on the highway.

Two people in the car are the former writer Top Gear (now the author of the Grand Tour) Richard Porter, and the owner of the car Johnny Smith. Porter notes that the car’s headliner is a carpet; Johnny notes that the car somehow looks like the worst version of VW Beetle, but only more attractive.

Watch as first the car loses all drive to its air-cooled two-cylinder engine mounted in the rear, then the car suffers a brief but seemingly total brake failure. The two occupants had barely gone five miles.

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