Watch the electric Smart towing three powerful pickups

It’s rare to see experiments involving the electric vehicles. Let’s take the electric Smart Fortwo, for example. For many car enthusiasts this baby is nothing but a toy and only a few are ready to take it seriously.

However, there were enthusiasts who nevertheless decided to test Smart’s abilities. For this, an improved version of the third generation Fortwo was taken. It is capable of delivering up to 89 hp and 156 Nm of torque.

Such a modest Smart was taken out for towing trials. Along with the powerful pickups that it had to tow, it looked really tiny, and the experiment seemed a failure. However, from the very first minute of the video it becomes clear that everyone clearly underestimated this small electric Smart car, because it can easily pull the weighty Jeep Gladiator.

Smart then pull even more powerful Chevrolet and Ford pickups. The final chord in this story was the attempt to tow three pickups at once. Did Smart Fortwo cope with the task? To get an answer to this question we recommend watching this spectacular video.

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