The Friedrich Albrecht Fahrzeugfabrik was a German manufacturer of wheelchairs and cars for the disabled. The company was founded in 1924 in Berlin. In 1949, the company began the production of microcars. The brand name was Albrecht. The production was ended in 1955 after about 600 manufactured copies.

The first model was the Dreiradroller (Tricycle). The vehicle had three wheels with the single wheel in front. The drive was usually provided by a built-in engine from the ILO Motor Works. The customers were mostly war disabled.

1953 was followed by a real microcar. It was a tricycle with a single wheel in front again. Sachs 175 cc 9 PS engine was mounted above the front wheel. The top speed was 65 kph. The vehicle looked in contrast to other 3-wheelers for disabled. It was like a real car, but the price of 3,150DM was too expensive to compete in the market. There were only six copies built.

Albrecht photos

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