The Automite (by Masterworks of Long Green, Maryland) was a fully-enclosed single-seater microcar with uncompromisingly flat body panels. It was designed to be built at home from plans in a couple of weekends for as little as $300, but kits were also available. Engines between 4.5bhp and 10bhp were possible, with a top speed of up to 55mph (ca. 89 km/h). It measured only 68in (1727 mm) long and weighed a mere 75 kg (1651b).

The Automite is a breakthrough in personal transportation! Whether your second car or only car, the Automite is both practical and a pleasure to drive!

You can purchase plans and 1 hour video of building process even now just for $37.95. Click here if you’re interesting.


  • Length: 5’8”
  • Height: 3’10”
  • Width: 32”
  • Weight (empty): approx. 165 lbs.
  • Weight (gross): approx. 450 lbs
  • Number of wheels: 3
  • Wheelbase: 3’
  • Drive: rear wheel
  • Horsepower range: 4½ to 10
  • Speed, max. (with 4½ hp): approx. 40 mph (ca. 64 km/h), (with 10 hp): approx. 55 mph (ca. 89 km/h)
  • Miles per gallon, max. (with 4½ hp): 90

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