Fiat 126 with Honda CBR1100XX engine

1976 Fiat 126 microcar with Honda CBR1100XX engine

This old 1976 Fiat 126 was turned into a roadtrack monster by Alessio Arena. The idea of transformation was born from another project of Fiat 126 with Kawasaki engine. Alessio decided to use Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird engine instead in his project. The high revving engine produces 132-137 hp (99-102 kW) and 78-80 lb-ft (106-109 Nm) of torque. Just imagine how terribly powerful this engine could be for a 550 kg (1,212 lb) microcar. Other modifications include a pushrod suspension, six-piston brakes, carbon-fiber wing, and flat underbody. He even removed the passenger seat so the driver’s seat is in the middle of the car given Alessio a great view of vehicles he passes.

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