Spectre Type 10 Restomod

Specter Type 10 is Mini with 230 hp and RWD

Despite the fact that the current Minis are extremely entertaining, it does not have the cachet of the original. It was much smaller, much lighter and even more maneuverable. Now we have to be honest, the current one passes the EuroNCAP crash test with flying colors. Something where this Specter Type 10 will have a little more trouble.

What exactly is the Specter Type 10? It’s basically just another restomod. A way of improvement of a classic car. Old cars are more fun to drive, but that’s not the biggest advantage: you don’t have to meet modern emission and safety requirements. In principle, restomods on license plate are just refurbished used cars.

Now we are already familiar with Minis made modern by David Brown Automotive. They have the advantage that they are very cool, but the disadvantage that they cost a lot of money. One of the reason is they front-wheel drive. That problem has been solved with the Specter Type 10, which is equipped with rear-wheel drive!

That’s because of the engine, which is transversely in the middle. It is a K20A VTEC block from Honda, in this case good for 230 hp. This is coupled to a manual gearbox with six forward gears. Not many technical details about the car have been released yet.

Are there any drawbacks to this work of art? Yes, about 180,000 disadvantages. This device costs a barely comprehensible $180,000. The car was unveiled at Monterey Car Week 2021.

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